Bridger Tower | Designer and Developer

Bridger Tower

Designer and Developer from Salt Lake City, UT. Crafting software and websites. Using Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Webflow, Framer, Laravel, and more.

As a creative technologist, I combine my passions for design and code to create timeless brands, impactful digital products, and captivating websites.

// Ventures

Past, Present, and Future Ventures.

Alpine Codex

applied artificial intelligence


developer partnership and studio with @youngbloodcyb

Studio Kaizen

branding and design studio

Zion Ventures

investing in innovative brands through design and code.

// Software

Software I have helped design and develop

Travel Mellow

travel blog and agency website.


ai marketing software designed for Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition.


a collection of ai tools for rapid website development.

// Websites

Websites that I have designed and developed.

In Progress.

travel blog and website by Rileigh Ellison.

model and confidence training by Pyper America and Elise Rooney.

productized webflow, framer, and figma design and development agency.

travel blog and agency website.

// Work

The places I have had the privilege of working at.

Design Engineer at Alpine Codex

Applied artificial intelligence and customer acquisition marketing.

Design Engineer at Ampry

Building software and web technologies for performance marketing.

Designer and Partner at 9D8

a design and code studio by bridger tower and cameron youngblood.

Designer and Founder at Studio Zion

a design studio in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Web Developer at

Lead web developer on the marketing team.

Product Designer at Ampry

Founding product designer at Ampry.

// Socials